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Research projects

City logistics

The research team has focused on several areas of city logistics. In previous projects, we have investigated brownfield areas in Budapest, the application of the Budapest tram and HÉV network to freight transport, the optimisation of common loading bay systems, the development of complex cost models and various multi-stage city logistics systems. We have also been involved in the development of concepts for the improvement of Budapest’s city logistics system.

A current priority research topic is the study, modelling and scaling of current and possible future supply chain systems for so-called urban concentrated demand point aggregations.

Observation studies

In our previous research, we focused on the observation and analysis of movements, using motion-sensing depth sensors to investigate cycle times.

Currently, two areas of research are running in parallel: on the one hand, we are working on the implementation of sampling workday recording, which is often used in the industrial environment, using drones of our own construction, and on the other hand, we are testing and researching methods of positioning in the indoor environment. Our aim is to successfully combine and harmonise these two technologies in order to perform the monitoring tasks autonomously inside the plant.

Document flow with drones

At the beginning of the research team’s work, we were engaged in the logistical assessment and analysis of the physical document flow at the KJK, but we were already looking at a possible future innovative solution where the documents would be delivered by drones. In the next phase of the research, we have therefore tested how a drone-assisted delivery process could be physically implemented, which is currently the main focus of the research, and which raises interesting challenges such as the design of an appropriate payload.

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